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Real Estate

Keokuk and the surrounding area have a diverse selection of housing available undefined from little houses on the prairie to grand old homes settled on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. Housing types abound for all ages and income levels, including condominiums, apartments, starter homes, historic homes, upper story loft-like spaces, multi-family investment properties, lots for building, and mid-range, upper end and executive-style homes. Nursing homes, independent living and assisted living facilities as well as senior apartment complexes allow extended families to live safely and comfortably in close proximity to one another.

Churches, parks and schools scattered around the city become the hub of many of the city’s neighborhoods. Shopping is not more than a 5-to-10 minute drive for everyone in the city and plentiful sidewalks offer the option for many residents to walk to church, school or work. Homes in all price ranges may be found in newly developed residential areas, upscale developments overlooking golf courses, places with river views, near or in the downtown cultural and entertainment district, nestled in secluded shady streets and firmly rooted in established historic neighborhoods.

Housing ranges from solid turn-of-the-century structures sitting side-by-side on city streets to ranch houses with good-
sized lawns in suburb-like neighborhoods. Homes with wide-vistas can be purchased in rural areas, tucked away in small-town settings or as multi-room living spaces flying high in upper level historic retail spaces.

The price range for housing runs from $25,000 to $50,000 on the low end; $55,000 to $90,000-plus, mid-range; $100,000 and above, high end; and $500,000 and up, executive housing. Apartment rent averages include low end, $350 to $500; mid-level, $550 to $650; and upper range, $700 and up for upper range rental prices.

Realtor listings appear daily in area newspapers and may be found online.

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511 Blondeau Street, Suite 3
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